Ciaran O'Neill.
Expired Journalist. Aspiring Creative.
Marketing // PR // Social Media
Running // Weightlifting
Still Waters Run Deep MCR Co-Founder
Today’s 14KM stretch and brunch session goes out to the @ldnbreakfastclub and @bkfastclub on both sides of the pond! #SWRDmcr
How - did - I - forget - about - THIS! 😳 There’s absolutely no way I’ll be able to fight the weekend fever now…

The #SWRDAlleyCat was a race organized to celebrate the first anniversary of @stillwatersrundeepmcr with a weekend of fun and games with nearly 70 racers participating. ICNY was glad to be a part of not only helping create the collaborative t-shirt, but also to support the movement of the crew and its future. #FunctionForward
 #ICNY #SWRDAlleyCat #SWRDmcr #StillWatersRunDeepmcr
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